September 1, 2010
Message in a bottle

In general, webmasters are performing to an invisible audience located sometime, somewhere. Their messages, tossed into the virtual sea, float to the ends of the earth, final destination unknown and receipt unconfirmed.

Its never known exactly who the viewers, if any, will be. The web hosting company does provide some indication via statistics, however, but they are very vague.

Statistics include how many unique hits were made on the website, which pages were accessed, the times of day they were accessed, how many pages were viewed and IP addresses of the computers accessing the website.

If you want to know something immediately about the human element browsing your site, you are, for the most part, out of luck. The closest statistic that represents any kind of human presence is probably the IP address.

One can research the IP address on-line and determine the approximate town and country where that particular computer is located.

In regards to the IP addresses accessing this site, one might say, this is where the plot thickens.

The majority of the IP addresses that access this website are located in China. By this I mean, probably 80% of the hits for this website are coming from internet users in China. What does that indicate? I don't know.

I'm about to go through the IP addresses and make a list of the cities from where most of the hits come from. Sounds quite exciting doesn't it. (No, not really.)

I should have the results posted here in a day or two. Prepare for a brief overview of Chinese geography. There will be a quiz.

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