November 24, 2012

Hurricane Sandy plowed through New Jersey (where we currently live) on October 29th, almost four weeks ago now, leaving a trail of devastation from which many are still recovering. One week ago, on November 17th, we took a few paintings to Point Pleasant, NJ where they are now on display at Great Pacific Frame Shoppe & Gallery. The shop sustained minor problems compared to the homes closer to the shore. We attempted to drive closer to the shore but National Guardsmen were only admitting cars of those who had a residence or business in the area. The closest we could drive to was approximately one mile inland which gives you an indication of the size of the area that was hit the hardest.

The Point Pleasant community has already begun to come back to some state of normalcy which was a positive note. It's a special place containing both a longstanding neighborhood community alongside the largely summer tourist community. We wish everyone there, and elsewhere along the Jersey and east coast shore, a speedy recovery.

Here are some of the pieces currently at Great Pacific --

Everything Else #4
Everything Else #5
Everything Else #6
Yellow Tulip #061
Sunflowers #079

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y ,   D A D !
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