November 11, 2013

Getting professional help
(and not a moment too soon)

I've been working for some time writing a story and, in September, thinking that I had completed it, posted it on my website. You won't find it there now, however. As usual, after having let it sit awhile, I returned to it and saw plenty of room for improvement. Reluctantly, I decided that what friends and family had been saying for years was probably accurate -- I need professional help. To that end, I contacted author and writing consultant Ira Shull for his constructive input. Having some objective feedback has given me a second wind on the project and so I'll take my time and make some adjustments.

In the meantime, I've also enlisted the aid of Sarah Palermo at Westminster Choir College. Her specialties are music theory and composition. She's transcribing some music I've written and considering using in the story. (The transcription for one song appears on this page. "Right click" + "View Image" to see a readable copy.)

If you don't read music, there's a sound file you can access below to hear the melody. Sing along but don't dance on the furniture. I can't be held responsible for your scuffed credenza.

HEAR HERE > Frisky Minnows & Lively Worms

N E X T   B L O G
H O M E     A R T W O R K     E X H I B I T S     L I N K S     B L O G     C O N T A C T