March 9, 2011
Back in the saddle

If you're familiar with the
"Wind in the Willows,"
then you'll understand when I say that the past couple of years for us have been something of a "Mr Toad's Wild Ride." Extenuating circumstances have "coaxed" us to move twice and other matters have required our concerted attention along the way. For the most part, painting was put on hold. However, between the hub and bub, I did manage to do a few pencil drawings (Everything Else).

Now, finally, it's back to work on some unfinished pieces that have taken the long track to complete as they involved a lot of "on canvas" development.

Another long term project that is nearing completion is a short story. Actually, the text is nearing completion, illustrations will be added gradually. An excerpt of the story appears here

N E X T   B L O G
H O M E     A R T W O R K     E X H I B I T S     L I N K S     B L O G     C O N T A C T