September 11, 2013
Chronicling folk music

Two years ago I conducted an interview with two members of the Princeton Folk Music Society of Princeton, New Jersey. Arthur and Arlene Miller have been members of PFMS since the sixties, a time when folk music was making a comeback in the country and as much regaled at the time as rock and roll.

Pop music has changed considerably since then so it is especially interesting to hear their recollections and appreciation of the "new" folk that was appearing at the time. The following interview was held in August 2011. Unless you're a true aficionado of the genre, many of their references to songs and musicians will be unrecognizable. Therefore, many interactive links are included throughout the article that will take the reader to performances and other background information that is pertinent to their comments.

Thanks, Arthur and Arlene, for taking the time to share these great memories with us.

--- RT

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