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The Gift of the Quoxxel began with the painting above and evolved into the story that goes something like this --

King Norr of Nibb wanted one thing -- to experience the world beyond his tiny island kingdom. "Why?" his people would ask. "What could be more perfect than Nibb?"

Their admonishments never dampened his passion, of course. However, pressing events at the moment required the king's full attention.

First of all, a monster of the deep had been seen lurking in offshore waters. Even more curious was the case of the mysterious, singing girl who appeared from nowhere. If that weren't enough, a foreign ship had anchored offshore about the same time a prankster had set the palace afloat.
As King Norr says, it's enough to give one haddocks!

It's a silly tale told with the aid of colorful, lighthearted humor, illustration and interactive links. If you'd like to find out what other readers are saying, here are some of their REVIEWS.

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